ATTN: GEEKs, Get Your iPad Pants!

ATTN: GEEKs, Get Your iPad Pants!

Big Pockets for your iPad

The latest in pants may not be a huge hit for 99.99% of the population (but we never thought Snuggies would become so popular either), but for Geeks and their dates, the new iPad pants may just be the next best thing to cargo pants. iPad pants, which are also known as tactical wear pants, are cargo pants designed with a pocket large enough to hold an iPad.

You may be asking yourself what/if any possible downside could there be to such useful pants? Well, beyond the obvious downside that putting an iPad in your back pocket does not make you look cool at all, some of the iPad pants don’t even comfortably fit the iPad II; it all depends on which iPad pants you are wearing. (It’s also strange that there are actually multiple brands of iPad pants.)

The iPad pants are reviewed on the Tactical Pants catalog for those adventurer/geeks wanting more from their usual sporting event clothing or happy hour wear. After reading the test conclusions and looking at the pics, it seems fairly clear that the all of the tactical pants were judged more on function than fashion with the highest standard being how the tester was able to move around and maneuver while wearing the decidedly unsexy tactical wear pants.

The Warrior Wear II pants by Blackhawk were by far the winners of the Tactical Pants wear test and received an ‘A’ rating. Unfortunately for any Geek wanting to order a pair, the pants have been since discontinued. (Perhaps interested parties should start a letter campaign to determine how to bring back the Warrior Wear II pants, which also have the advantage of snugly fitting the iPad II in the back pocket.)

Genuine Gear’s pants also scored well, but strangely enough, Genuine Gear’s tactical wear pants fit the iPad better in the front pocket of the pants. The dangers of a front pocket that large on Geek clothing are fairly self-evident if you consider the hidden temptations of hiding hands in a large pocket. Unfortunately for Genuine Gear, their Tactical Wear Pants only scored a ‘B-‘ rating, primarily because of the tester’s concern that the wearer could lose their iPad. Which kind of defeats the purpose of wearing the pants in the first place.

After all was said and done, the tactical wear pants testers on the catalog site concluded that maybe, just maybe, anyone wanting to secure their iPad or iPad II should carry it in a case instead of shoving it in an extremely large pocket. 

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