Facial Flex | Why, Why, Why?!

Facial Flex | Why, Why, Why?!


It seems all our posts here leave us wondering why? Why would someone invent this? Why would an investor spend money to bring it to market? Why would anyone in their right mind purchase it? And, then we see videos of people like Lisa Robertson “modeling” this particular product on air at QVC and we are left wondering, “Why on earth would she volunteer to do that on national television?” Better yet, why on earth would she do it knowing that it can be seen forever with the assistance of YouTube?

What am I talking about? The Facial Flex, of course. It’s this amazing little device that helps you avoid the knife and strengthen those facial muscles the old-fashioned way: exercise! Stop! Don’t laugh. You can exercise your cheeks and neck. Just watch Lisa.

And, for just $29.95, you can tone your way to a tighter jawline just like Lisa. In fact, in the YouTube clip, Lisa has a caller report that she uses the product every day in her car as she drives to work. Can you imagine the looks she gets from her fellow commuters? Ha! Poor Lisa can’t even respond verbally. She just nods and points. The medieval, I mean amazing, contraption in her mouth prevents her from doing much of anything else.

Don’t feel too bad for poor Lis, though. Top hosts on shopping channels like QVC and HSN make well, and I mean WELL, into the 6 figures.

Oh, and yes. This particular clip made the rounds of all the talk shows, news outlets and late-night laughs the week that it originally aired.