Now you can wave all you want

Now you can wave all you want

It must be lack of coffee or the Tuesday blues but ... I think this is an excellent idea. A pad for the armpit to soak up all the salty wet sweat? That's pretty crazy and fantastic at the same time.

Check it out. You fold the pad over your undergarment, right under the most oozy section and voila! No nasty sweat stains on your crisp, clean shirt. It's funny how all the ladies in the ad are happy to be doing the arm pit exposing salute ... which, in a different context, would look so bad.

I am unclear about one thing though – how are you supposed to ... hook it up? I mean there is a general assumption that this nifty little accessory will stick onto an undergarment, right? Does that mean the lady's bra? But surely your shirt sleeve rests higher up on your arm than on the bra? Or any other fancy little – might I add Victorian-ish – underwear you are drabbing over your bra? Corset, anyone?

Aha! Maybe it is meant to stick firmly to the shirt sleeve itself! That would make a lot of sense. Well, as long as it stays where it should and does not make an unofficial exit when you raise your arm towards the whiteboard during a meeting ... it's all good.

I must add, I wonder if men miss having a product like this. After all, men are supposed to sweat more than women, right? Hence they get the stronger anti-perspiration products. Fair enough, they can just stick one of these under their shirts. Then again, if some folks love wearing a bit of lace under their office wear – think back to this "bra for men" article – then, they've probably got all the perfect attire for the arm pit patch anyway.