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Style Snaps: Not Stylish; Not A Snap

If you watch very many infomercials, you soon get the impression that all across the land people's biggest problem is wayward clothing. Lapels that won't stay down! Blazers that gap across the button line! And the hems of your jeans - won't someone please help me hem my jeans?

This video raises an interesting question, though. Is this a situation where you can spend money to save money? I suppose that in better economic times, people who wanted to wear a pair of jeans with three different kinds of shoes would just buy three different pairs of jeans. One for each kind of shoes.

But now, the infomercial presumes that you want to make do by adapting that one pair of jeans to multiple shoe heights. Is this true? Is that a thing? Would people really rather spend however long every morning getting these damned snaps in place just to wear the one pair of jeans with heels today, and sandals tomorrow?

Unlike other solutions (even the ad mentions tailors and iron-on solutions), Style Snaps are removable. Pro: this lets you set different heights on the same pair of jeans. Con: I assume you have to take them out every time you launder the jeans. And my guess is that they're going to be constantly falling out in the course of a day.

But here is the biggest mystery: don't people realize that you can totally tell when someone's hemmed their jeans by cuffing them inside-out? You'll always have a big pooch of fabric down there, and the hem line is a fold instead of a proper hem.

So that's the question I'm left with: who is the target audience for this product? It's people who are vain enough to care about the length of their jeans, but not so vain that they care about the fact that folded-in jeans cuffs look like crap and everyone can tell.

That's a mystery.

Another market for Style Snaps is parents who want to make their children's clothing purchases go farther. So they buy one super-long pair of jeans, and make the kids use Style Snaps to adapt the length as they grow. Thanks, mom and dad! Might as well start socking away extra cash for the inevitable therapist sessions now.

I don't doubt that Style Snaps are useful in the other applications they mention. Keeping the flaps of cargo pants pockets shut, and that sort of thing. Except that if you have wayward clothing, you know it's totally going to exert enough force to pop the Style Snaps off the clothing. By the middle of the afternoon, you'll have a gapping button line with pieces of plastic stuck to it. Or you'll be standing there in the office bathroom trying to fish a sticky piece of plastic out of your underpants, where it fell when you were in the meeting with the regional manager, and it was totally driving you crazy the whole time, but you had to act like it wasn't happening and pay attention.

You know what I want to see? I want to see this product combining forces with Pajama Jeans. It's Pajama Jeans that you can adapt to high heels, sandals, or sneakers! Now that's your market right there.