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Stop Sending Your Ads to My Inbox!

As much as I thought signing up for offers and announcements from local restaurants was a fantastic idea when I first heard about it, I am now finding myself in the position of really, really hating these restaurants. Every week I get announcements from both family-owned and chain restaurants (such as Macaroni Grill, Chilis, and maybe half a dozen others) and when I first opened them, I expected great deals or coupons; instead, all I’ve been getting lately are these stupid ads like “Book your Father’s Day reservation here!” or “Make your reservation today!”

Really, restaurants? Do you really think I want to open up your ads in my email, of all places? I see enough ads everywhere else I look every day—to the point where I’m ready to just do away with TV, radio, and Internet altogether! You are not making me want to come in and spend my money at your establishment—so you can just pay for more ads!—you are instead making me avoid opening your emails.

If you want me to open them, you’d better put your deal—“Special offer inside!” or “Buy 1 Get 1!”—in the subject line. Otherwise, they are going straight to my trash folder instead!

Now for those people who want to get the deals and that’s all, like me, you can search for them online or follow deal blogs. For example, if you are looking for Olive Garden coupons, just search online for “Olive Garden Coupons” and you will likely find some that you can print right away.

One of my favorite food deal sites is Restaurant Deals and Coupons, where you can directly print off daily deals for chain restaurants near you. Eat Drink Deals is another wonderful website where you can find good deals, as well as short explanations about them that can also be helpful (such as restrictions, or if special rules apply).

Feel free to share other great restaurant discounts below.