Time's Fleeting Celebrities of 2011

Time's Fleeting Celebrities of 2011

They are nowhere now.

Time magazine has released some really excellent Top 10 lists for 2011. These lists help you reminiscence about the amazing year, or make you glad that we're almost out of it. As the year progresses, there are pseudo-celebrities or celebrity-adjacent who make headlines for, well, a few minutes fewer than fifteen. These celebrities may have been making the front page for a week or two this year, but I'll bet you'll surprise yourself if you can dredge up one of the faces for this flash-in-the-pan celebrities. Let's reminiscence about a few of Time's Top 10 Fleeting Celebrities:

Sarah Lane. Sarah Lane is a professional ballet dancer who served as a dancing body double for Natalie Portman in the Black Swan. Everything would have been great for Lane if she hadn't stepped on the toes of America's sweetest Israeli transplant and the movie studio: Lane said that she danced during 95% of the full body shots in the movie. That's not what Natalie, her fiancé or the studio said; in promoting the movie, they said that Natalie worked hard to learn to dance at a professional level and that 85% of the movie is Natalie dancing. Who's telling the truth? Who knows, but Lane probably won't be dancing in Hollywood again anytime soon.  

Crystal Harris. Crystal Harris, 25, was one of the tanned-and-blonde Playboy models that Hugh Hefner, 85, kept his arsenal of live-in girlfriends. Hefner decided to make this one an honest woman, though, and the pair made plans to wed in June. Hef called the wedding off because of their inadequate sex life (thank god he did not elaborate), and Harris' celebrity flopped: her singer career ended and she, obviously, was no longer on Hugh's The Girls Next Door.

Ted Williams. Ted Williams is the homeless man who captured America's attention with his so-called "golden voice." After being discovered on television, Williams had a number of job offers, but his alcoholism reared its head again along with his new-found fame. Williams went to rehab several times and lost a number of his high-profile job offers, but he has found steady work with the New England Cable News.

Bree Olson. Olson is a Penthouse Model and one of Charlie Sheen's live-in "goddesses." He ranted about her several times, and she appeared with him on his 20/20 interview. Sheen and Olson, whose real name is Rachel Oberlin, broke up soon after the interview, and Olson tried to funnel her Sheen-adjacent fame into an acting career. Not surprisingly, no one cared.

Who else did the world forget to remember in 2011?