A-Spray Deoderant Infomercial

A-Spray Deoderant Infomercial



Kind of like A-Rod, but for your pits, your butt, your feet, and your "private parts". WTF?

Is this even for real? The Youtube comments (which of course are the ultimate authority) remain mixed. According to "Docbottoms": This is a Serious Product for a Sensitive issue! We felt that humor would be a great platform to introduce Aspray to the world! The response is amazing but people must realize this is a REAL product that solves a very real problem, and that is BODY ODOR...no matter where its coming from...your safe with? Aspray!

Doc's backstory is even stranger. According to always reliable comments, the product is real and he thought of it because he was always in his truck and had a sweaty ass and thus made the product. A-mazing is what I have to say about it.

Of course, it is all a crock of she-ite, but isn't that what makes the Internet a better place?

Gawker says it has really been running on TV., so I don't know what to think. In a world filled with spray-on-tans and string-cheese, A-Spray might just be the new best thing since sliced bread.