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Insta-Hang | Not Gonna Do It

I was chatting with my pilates instructor when she said, “Gee! You’ve done everything.” I never realized it before, but I have done a lot of different jobs and worn many hats. One of them, that I still love and could do in a heartbeat, was framing pictures. I worked at an art gallery/ frame shop both in sales as well as production. Meaning, I stood in the back and framed pictures for hours on end. It was fun. I learned to cut mats and assemble the wood frames as well. In fact, I could do everything, from cutting the glass to trimming the dust cover, in under 15 minutes. I was goooooood!

I say this to let you know that I am not just talking out of my *%$@ for the rest of this post. No, I actually know what I am talking about when it comes to hanging pictures and artwork. We gave each of our clients two hooks (we called it “hanging hardware”) for their pictures that we specifically rated for the weight of the picture. They were designed to go into the drywall at an angle and then had a hook to hold the picture wire. You would never hang a picture from the top rail of the frame; it will eventually break.

Needless to say, I was surprised to see this do-hickey, Insta-Hang.  I am channeling my best George Bush Sr. when I say, “Not gonna do it!" Do yourself a favor and run down to your local hardware super store and buy some proper hanging hardware. Do it right the first time.