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Wraptastic: if you're too dumb to use plastic wrap

Isn't this why we all use lidded plastic containers now?

Of all the "There's gotta be a better way!" ads out there, the Wraptastic stands apart as being particularly ridiculous. The ad itself employs the age old trick of having normal looking people encounter immense difficulties using a common household product. In this case, it's plastic wrap and aluminum foil.

If you are thinking that it would be hard to make "using aluminum foil" seem like a difficult task, you would be right. Plastic wrap, okay, plastic wrap can be annoying sometimes. But I have never cut myself on the "sharp metal edge" that the commercial mentions. Has anyone? Really? I mean, you look at the edge and think, "Dang, that is sharp." But has anyone actually cut themselves on it? 
But isn't that why we all started using those cheap off-brand Tupperware-like containers in the first place? Not only are they easier to use (not that plastic wrap is really that difficult), they are also reusable and easily stackable. If you are really having that much trouble wrestling with plastic wrap, then you should just invest in a bunch of reusable lidded containers of all sizes, and be done with it.
But no, Wraptastic would have you sink your money into a device that is basically just a plastic wrap roll holder. In the ad, it sits securely on your counter, cuts the plastic wrap with a gentle touch, and snaps open with a jaunty "click!" But customer reviews tell a different story. A story of woe, of wrestling with the device to get it back open, and of eternally having to steady it lest it scoot across your counters.
In other words, Wraptastic may solve two problems, but it creates three more. Ain't that always the way?
On a more sinister note, a lot of commenters online are complaining about this product. The 30-day money back guarantee requires you to send the thing back in order to get a refund. But naturally the cost of shipping it back is a lot more than the money you will be refunded. Because while you pay $25 for the Wraptastic, $14 of that is called shipping costs, so you're talking about a maximum refund of $11.
Furthermore, people who complain to the company about the Wraptastic's various problems (the sorts of problems you're always going to see with a cheap plastic gadget) are getting only silence in return. Bad customer service - wrap it up!