February 2009

Someone skinned a muppet?

This is a rather popular informercial. And for the wrong reasons too. It's been 'lovingly' called the Cult of the Snuggie, "The WTF Snuggie" and other rather unflattering names. Can you imagine why? The infomercial is about a convenient robe-blanket. If, by convenient, you also mean looking like an absolute misfit. I am sure the creators of this (shudder) snuggie meant well. After all, blankets can be a bit of a hassle. I mean, next to accients caused by tea cozies this must be the biggest hazard at home. It probably caused major accidents. Like the dreaded Blanket Tumble! And thus was born the Snuggie. That's what I tell myself. It maybe snug, it could be soft and it might even be easy-to-wear but it is the a bit of one-liner magnet.

Sham... wha?

Of all the infomercials out there, this is the only one I absolutely cannot flip past. Vince with ShamWow is just so... hypnotic! He has his patter down pat. It's just like walking past one of Those booths at the state fair every year, right down to the microphone headset. I think my favorite part is when he punches the ShamWow into the white shag carpet, onto which he has poured a large amount of soda. It's just so… violent! When was the last time you saw someone punch something in an infomercial? No matter how much soda I had just spilled on my carpet, I'm fairly sure I would not punch it like that.