October 2009

No hoof, no horse!


Someone's been working too hard? Or did this guy just not have enough sleep? This particular clip caught a very embarrassing gaffe on one of the shopping Channels. The presenter tries to tell the viewers about this snazzy new camera. He is going on about the super cool lenses. So, to prove his point, he shows a blown-up version of the picture he took just now. You know, the one about the horse.

No Kinky Play Wearing These Gloves


There's something … suggestive about this ad. Don't get me wrong; Handy Peel sounds like a dandy product. I know the feeling of nasty cuts on your hand when trying to peel a potato or carrot. Of course, it was all uphill after some bright fellow somewhere introduced the potato peeler tool but that's not the point of this ad, is it?