November 2009

Pieceless Puzzle


Oh my word! They actually made a product like this? Apparently this caters to folks who fret and worry about lost jigsaw pieces. You know how random pieces climb out of the window disappear in the middle of the night? Not to forget the odd pieces that are eaten by pets. How about when you get really angry by being unable to solve a puzzle and heave the box of pieces at the wall? Yea, this appeals to all of them and those who would love to solve a puzzle but need a helpful FAQ for putting it together. Wonder if puzzle shops tuck this away at the back, amongst the slightly goofier toys.

More Snuggie Parodies!

Instead of focusing on one ad this week, I made a list of some of the funniest infomercials I came across recently. It all started with the doggy version of a snuggie, then I came cross the animal print one (I kid you not) and pretty soon I was exploring all the weird and wonderful snuggie parodies out there. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Personally, the Uglify Parody is my personal favorite!