January 2010

Finally Fast

Wow, I couldn't believe this ad was for real. It's basically a software / service that speeds up your PC. Wait, it gets better … they also state, on their site, that they can cut down on freezing and crashing. Erm …. doesn't that depend on what OS you have and what you use your computer for anyway?

There are some excellent remarks by the folks who uploaded this video. Like the fact that this PC-only product is running on a Mac. I also noticed that the various loading screens look like the weird spam links you end up on online.

The Suggestive Saddle Machine?

Can I just say this now … I hope never to see anyone try this in a public place. So far I have been lucky, unlike this poor bloke. Yea, if I were him in that situation, I would be traumatized too.

The topic in question is a saddle-like exercise gear. You know, you get this machine which has a saddle that moves (shakes? Gyrates? Grinds?) under you. As if that was not bad enough, turns out, you can set it to different speeds. Ooooh, this is just as bad as that jerky-hand-motion dumbell!

Weird Swine Flu Ad from 1970s

I came across this weird swine flu commercial the other day. I'm not going into the conspiracy argument that most folks on that link has dived into. Rather, I just wanted to say one thing ….. how creepy is this ad?

I'm not saying its creepy because I agree with the 'it could spread like wildfire' scenario they are painting. Nah, I found it disturbing because of the way the folks were talking about the whole matter. Did you hear that bit about Dotty getting the flu? Did anyone else balk when the narrator said “But Dotty had a heart condition and she died”?