July 2010

I Hate The Five Hour Energy Guy

Watching television as I do, mostly on Hulu, you end up seeing the same ads over and over again. 

One run of ads which I can virtually recite by heart is the Five Hour Energy series.  Those other fizzy sugary energy drinks make you fat!  They're for kids!  You, my friend, are mature enough to be drinking Five Hour Energy.

Unfortunately for Five Hour Energy, they chose the most obnoxious spokesman in the history of the form.  Imagine my glee, then, when I saw an ad with a new Five Hour Energy Guy!  Hooray!

Tom O'Dell and the Power of Weird Marketing

We've all been there. It's late at night, sleep isn't coming and there's nothing on TV except for infomercials. Most of them are too lame to be entertaining but not boring enough to do the job those sheep you've been counting failed to do. And then, like some kind of surreal blessing, you stumble upon a disembodied pair of hands trying to sell you decorative knives with more enthusiasm than a doctor selling a cure for the common cold. You have found Cutlery Corner, known in popular parlance as The Knife Show. It is perhaps the most ingenious example of marketing in the modern world.

Liza Minnelli: Another reason to watch HSN

Is there anything you can't do, Liza Minnelli?

Looking like her usual glamorous and hammered self, Liza Minnelli appeared on the Home Shopping Network to promote her new fashion line, the "Liza Collection" which is exactly what you would expect from the legendary gay icon: lots and lots of sparkle and shine.

But the clothes and jewelry are only half the fun of this clip. Watch Liza chat with callers and ramble incomprehinsibly about molding the clay, making a record while lying on her back, and watch as she bosses her models around.