August 2010

Gordman’s Ad Renders Goth Girls Gruesome

During the fifth grade, I went through what my family calls a “little goth phase.” I wore lots of black makeup, pewter jewelry of things like skulls and bats, and even took to wearing a Morticia Adams dress my mother had made herself for Halloween as a teen. (Yes, it was completely awesome.) Back then, it was pretty early for me to go through such a “phase” (and I put it in quotation marks because I still like to wear such jewelry and black nail polish—and would continue do the rest, probably, if I had the time and energy just because I like it), and I don’t remember anyone else dressing in such a way until junior high and high school. By then, I was in a more “earthy” phase (which I suppose I’m also still “into,” though today’s choices usually stem from whatever is sustainable, cheap, and used) and digging into my mom’s old bell-bottoms (which, unfortunately, did not fit—though they did inspire!).