September 2010

Accidentally Stumbling into Penis Pumps, Anal Toys, and Prostate Massagers

Let me take a moment here. A moment to be completely honest about how I fell into all of this stuff when I was harmlessly looking for a new vacuum. I need one because my apartment is becoming dog hair heaven - there is hair everywhere! It is in the sink, on the dishes, all over the place - and because I have wood floors it just likes to drift around. The floors are the worst part and the simple broom and dustpan will not cut it anymore - but I won't get into all of that right now.

Barbara: Secrets to Iconic Bush Hair

If you're like me - and let's face facts - you are, you might have been a little curious how Barbara Bush keeps those locks of hers so silky, silvery, and wonderful. I think I may have stumbled upon the secret when looking for my own hair devices and I thought it was worth sharing: she uses an attachment on her hair dryer to keep those silver strands in line! That's right folks - you just can't get that iconic "Bush" hair with a stylist alone - you need your own devices to keep hair looking terrifying to minorities and the young.

Getting Your Funeral Needs Met - Wholesale

So your in the market for a brand new, top of the line... burial casket? That is what the fine folks at Costco are hoping for! It's a great business proposal when you think about it - everybody dies and every body needs a slick box to be buried in. Why spend several thousands on a death box retail when you can get a great deal over at Costco for what is likely pennies on the dollar? Save that money for the funeral food and the after party! I know I have always wanted Duck confit and a plate full of truffles at my own wake - and perhaps buying my death box at Costco will help me reach that goal!

Let's take a look at my favorite option in the mix that you can get on the real cheap: