February 2011

Style Snaps: Not Stylish; Not A Snap

If you watch very many infomercials, you soon get the impression that all across the land people's biggest problem is wayward clothing. Lapels that won't stay down! Blazers that gap across the button line! And the hems of your jeans - won't someone please help me hem my jeans?

This video raises an interesting question, though. Is this a situation where you can spend money to save money? I suppose that in better economic times, people who wanted to wear a pair of jeans with three different kinds of shoes would just buy three different pairs of jeans. One for each kind of shoes.

Way to Sell Your Product, Pepsi Max

“Zero Calorie” Pepsi Max recently released an appalling commercial that reinforces gender stereotypes, makes men and women look equally stupid and beastly, and makes me want to buy their product about as much as I want to contract a case of smallpox. The equality in the commercial is the only upside; at least we’re not looking at the woman’s boobs (though they are at least hinted at by the repugnant depiction of the man) as we might in most commercials. That’s where the upside of the commercial unfortunately ends.