March 2011

Sketchers Shape Ups Fall Down


Skechers Shape Ups Fall Down

Walking shoes used to be fairly simple things with sturdy construction, textured soles and comfortable fit. However, in the last few decades, things have changed. All sorts of new designs have hit the market aimed at ever narrowing specialist niches. Burt once went in to buy a new pair of walking shoes. They had him try on a new advanced design. He said that he felt moving parts as he took a step. He said that it was not a shoe, it was some sort of walking machine. Needless to say he never bought those shoes.

Slow Cook at the Speed of Light!

Well, maybe not the speed of light, but with this new technology, people may be able to slow cook their food at the same speed they’d normally nuke a hot pocket in the microwave. If this gadget goes mainstream, people may not pay Paula Deen and Co. much attention anymore, since they can make a savory slow-roasted dinner just as quickly as they could make a frozen entrée.

The Nutri-Pulse is currently on the market, not available to kitchens across the world just yet but to researchers testing the quick, slow-cook technology. By electronically breaking apart cells of food, the Nutri-Pulse is said to be able to create the flavors of slow-cooking in only the seconds it takes to cook in a microwave.

IRenew Bracelet: Worst Junk Ever

This rubber and metal bracelet uses "natural frequencies" to "promote strength and wellness." Which is to say, it's a complete crock. It may as well be a charm bracelet that spells out "placebo."

But never underestimate the scientific illiteracy (or the skepticism) of the American public! These things are selling like hotcakes. And the people who wear them absolutely refuse to believe anything other than the iRenew's claims.

There is no point trying to discuss it with them. Believe me, I've tried. People either believe in magnets and magic rubber bracelets or they do not, and never the twain shall meet.