April 2011

Shop with the 3/50 Project

We all know how much fun and how convenient shopping on the Internet is, and how cheap it is to support large discount stores when we’re all trying to stretch our dollars. But we also know that when we do this, we fail to support the small businesses that depend on our dollars to even exist, too—businesses that are usually made up of people in our own communities, just trying to survive and make a living like we are.

Plaque Attack-ack-ack-ack-ack

The more I looked into this product, the more interesting and complicated it became. First, though, the infomercial. Plaque Attack is a product you spray on your pet's teeth every day, and it magically removes all the plaque and tartar build-up. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Yeah, exactly.

Dogs and cats have the same basic dental set-up that we do. So I had to ask myself, are there any products marketed to people, which claim that you can spray them on your teeth instead of visiting the dentist for a dental cleaning? There are not. If there were, you could make a fortune on it, because no one likes going to the dentist.

The Flowbee: A Vacuum Cleaner for Your Hair

Are you trying to save money in this tight economy? Do expensive haircuts for your entire family have you pinching pennies at the end of the month? I have the perfect solution for all of your haircutting needs: The Flowbee.


It’s like a vacuum cleaner and a hair stylist all in one. While you might not get the precision cut that you’ve come to expect at your local salon, you get the absolute thrill of vacuum suction on your hair—truthfully something not to be missed—while getting your hair unprofessionally cut. 


PajamaJeans: Wear Them for Days

Note the PajamaJeans "Smooth Butt-Lifting Design"


Pajama Jeans

Two-for-one. If you like wearing pajamas and you like wearing jeans, I’m thinking that Pajama-Jeans will be the perfect solution to your lower-half clothing needs. As this amazingly fantabulous commercial touts: PajamaJeans have a “smooth, butt-lifting design, ”are “soft as a baby’s blanket” and fit women of “all sizes” from petite to extra-large.  And did I mention that PajamaJeans look like your favorite designer jeans?

Who wouldn’t be impressed by PajamaJeans?