August 2011

Eggies: For When Hard-Boiled Eggs Are Just Too Difficult

I really want to make fun of this product. I mean, since when were hard-boiled eggs difficult? The ad makes it sound like if you want half a dozen hard-boiled eggs, ordinarily you would be sentencing yourself to an entire night peeling eggs. OH THE HUMANITY.
But I'll tell you something: a lot of people don't realize that one difference between eggs fresh from the chicken and the old-ass eggs you buy at the store is that fresh eggs are almost impossible to peel. When you hard-boil an egg, it's the gap between the egg membranes that lets you shuck that shell off. You can make this easier by dunking your eggs in ice water after they cook, to shrink the membranes away from the shell. But it still won't help if your eggs are really fresh.

Six Unusual Places for Advertisements

Okay, I'm pretty obsessed with unusual advertising methods. Last week, NPR ran a story about a dude that rented out his bald head to an advertising firm. I've heard (maybe in sci-fi films?) that the moon's face will someday become the hole-filled advertising canvas for some really wealthy company. But we've already seen some creative--or tacky--advertising campaigns that have overstepped the traditional print or media spheres. Some seriously overstep tasteful boundaries, some are so clever you forgive them and some of them are so brilliant that you wish their designers had gone into other fields besides advertising. Here are some of the weirdest, tackiest and coolest unusual ads from around the world:

Aqua Sand Has Issues

While shopping for gifts for all of the fall birthdays coming up in our family (three young cousins plus my daughter’s best friend), I was both proud and ecstatic to find some super cool steals. One of these was Aqua Sand on clearance for only a buck! It was so cheap I bought an extra one for my daughter and didn’t tell her about it. Instead, I brought it out randomly as a surprise, much to her delight.