October 2011

Sensa Magic Weight Loss Powder

The magic of the Placebo Effect!
This morning through sheer inertia I ended up watching several minutes of the half-hour Sensa infomercial, just because it airs right before "The Daily Show." As far as infomercials go, I was impressed that it focused on the results of your weight loss (you can go hiking! Wear bikinis!) rather than the mechanics. But then again this makes sense since they are just selling you a bunch of magic beans. I mean powder.
The idea behind Sensa is that you sprinkle it on your food before you eat, and it makes you lose weight. How? Well, you eat less, because hormones, satiety, sense of smell, and a lot of hand-waving. Look over there! It's a cougar!
Sensa contains no sodium, no sugar, no diuretics, no stimulants. It contains maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, silica, "natural and artificial flavors." In other words, a bunch of nothing. It is, if not a literal sugar pill, then a sugar powder.