April 2012

Fix-A-Flop Flip Flop Fixer: Fabulous or Futile?

Frugal or Feckless?


My first thought when I saw this ad for Fix-A-Flop was, "I'm pretty poor, but I still like to think I have enough money that when my flip flops break, I can just throw them away and buy a new pair." But my second thought was, "It's always better to fix something than throw it away!"
I'm of two minds about these. They are designed for the type of super cheap flip flop where the toe thong is attached through a hole in the sole, with a simple button at the end. This type of flip flop, you get about ten days of use before the button wears through the sole around it (as it will do, what with both friction and cheap foam rubber being what they are) and pops out.