July 2012

No One Needs A Tortilla-Baking Dish

I don't care how perfect it is!
There are a lot of dumb things being advertised on late night television. But one of the dumbest, least useful things has got to be the Perfect Tortilla Bowl. Talk about an answer to a question no one asked. Were you clamoring for a way to turn a tortilla into a bowl? Probably not! Even if you were, you can actually buy tortilla bowls at the grocery store. 

Perfect Tortilla - As Seen On TV Blog - Perfect Tortilla Commercial

Of course, the grocery store and restaurant tortilla bowls are deep fried. That is why they are delicious. The Perfect Tortilla Bowl promises a healthier meal, because you bake the tortilla in the oven. Spoilsports! So you go to all this trouble to buy a special dish to make tortilla bowls, and they end up being bland and baked in the oven. That isn't fun. It certainly isn't delicious.