August 2012

The Olde Brooklyn Lantern

OK, I admit it - I want one!

So many things are hilarious about this infomercial. Not least among them is the fact that I am totally sold on this item. I have made a mental note to keep an eye out for them at Walgreen's (where they often have end cap displays of "As Seen On TV" items on sale).

I particularly love the bit where the old lady drops her flashlight into her spaghetti and stares at it with exasperation. Darn those greasy flashlights, falling off your shoulder when you least expect it!
LED lanterns are pretty much the only way to go these days. I live in a remote rural area where we have frequent power outages (some of them days long), especially in the late fall/early winter storm season. And I swear by the things. 

Orgreenic Pans: Fear-based kitchen goods

There's really nothing to fear from Teflon or aluminum.

There is only one reason why anyone would buy a set of Orgreenic pans, and that is a fear of something which is unproven at best: that your kitchen pans can kill you. There are two main fears here. The first is from Teflon pans. 

It is true that Teflon flakes off in microscopic particles over the years as you use it. However, it is not proven that Teflon is absorbed into your blood stream when you eat these tiny flakes. In fact, given the fact that they are actually tiny pieces of metal, it is a lot more likely that they are simply - ahem - "passed through your system intact."
A potentially greater concern is the PFOA which is used to make the Teflon stick to the pan itself. PFOA is a carcinogen, and it is present in low levels in the blood of most Americans. But it is "not likely" that this exposure comes from pans. In fact, most of the PFOA is burned off in the process of manufacture.